Let Ben be your Concierge
to your St. Lucia vacation

Saint Lucia Taxi Rental Services

Due to the success of Ben’s West Coast Jeeps & Taxi Service Mr. Bernard Saltibus along with his wife Valerie Saltibus extended his abilities and started a new business called Ben’s Yacht Services (which includes water taxi), which has been in operation for over 13 years. Throughout the 13 years of this service the Yacht Captains and Owners have commented on the high level of well mannered and professionalism of Bens’ Staff.

We have worked with over 100 fantastic boats including:

  • M/Y Hampshire
  • M/Y Leander
  • Callisto
  • M/Y Le Grand Bleu
  • M/Y Eminence
  • S/Y Masquerade of Sole
  • M/Y Fortunate Sun
  • Rising Sun
  • M/Y Paraffin
  • M/Y Sherakhan
  • M/Y Indian Empress