Let Ben be your Concierge
to your St. Lucia vacation

Welcome to Ben’s Concierge Services

 Ben’s Concierge is a multi business organization which consists of West Coast Jeeps and Taxi Services Ltd., Bens’ Yacht Services and Marina Haven Villa.

In the year of 1988 Ben’s West Coast Jeep & Taxi Service was born. With only the owner/professional driver Mr. Bernard Saltibus himself and one other driver the business made great progress and grew into a family owned business. In a very short period of time the business started to grow and was receiving rave review throughout the Caribbean, America and the United Kingdom. With celebrity clients and a lot more, the company was getting well known by the elite in society. Having the best dressed, informative and well mannered drivers alone with professional office staff, the business continued to perform at a very high level throughout the years to come.

Due to the success of Ben’s West Coast Jeeps & Taxi Service Mr. Bernard Saltibus along with his wife Valerie Saltibus extended his abilities and started a new business called Ben’s Yacht Services (which includes water taxi), which has been in operation for over 13 years. Throughout the 13 years of this service the Yacht Captains and Owners have commented on the high level of well mannered and professionalism of Bens’ Taxi drivers. The business was successful and is still growing strong.

Recently Mr and Mrs. Saltibus have once more extended their hands in the real estate business. The Marina Haven project started in April 2006 and continued through to May 2008 creating four wonderful apartments with eight fully air conditioned bed rooms with a studio lounge, kitchen and dining area, swimming pool and balconies with the most breathtaking view of Rodney Bay Marina. Mr. & Mrs. Saltibus have always strived for excellence and with Marina Haven they have succeeded beyond measure, creating one of the most beautiful design villa in Rodney Bay, Gros Islet. They are so proud that they have captured the right ambiance, atmosphere and location for their newly built Marina Haven Villa; it’s with great humility that they would like to thank all those who assisted them and those who are still involved with making Marina Haven an Oasis of Choice.

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